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We have been purchasing decommissioned wind turbines and finding them a new life elsewhere rather that scrapping them, we believe this is a great step in reducing our carbon foot print.

Our Mission is to contribute to the restoration and re-use of retired mills.

Saving the Enviroment


Windmatic sells used equipment, wind turbines, blades, towers generators, Met Towers etc.

Also offers restoration services and

all Wind related Consulting services.


- Electrical and electronics design.

- Wind turbine Control systems.

- SCADA systems design.

- Retrofits and Upgrades.

See Services Tab for more.

Our Shop in California now offers complete restoration services

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We design brand new state of the art Wind turbine control systems.

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We have a highly skilled team of technical experts which can assist with troubleshooting, data collection, retrofits, upgrades, maintenance and installation.

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We provide a wide range of used Wind turbines ready for refurbishment and also for wind technology training classes.

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